Dorwest MoveWellia
Dorwest MoveWellia for Dogs

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Dorwest MoveWellia for Dogs

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MoveWellia Tablets for Dogs and Cats

Formulated by experts, MoveWellia is an advanced joint care solution for pets dealing with joint illnesses. It reduces joint stiffness and improves mobility in pets. It also aids in improving elasticity and lubricates the joints for enhanced function. It contains Boswellia-known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and several other active components including zinc, Chondroitin, essential vitamins, and minerals.

This orally administered joint supplement supports anti-inflammatory pathways in the body and improves joint comfort by supporting proper blood circulation to joints and connective tissue repair processes.

  • According to the weight of your pet, feed the recommended dose of MoveWellia.
  • Either mix the tablet with your pet’s food or administer it directly in the mouth.
  • Make sure your pet consumes the whole tablet.
  • For best results, double the recommended dose for the first month.


Weight (size)

Recommended Dose

Small dogs and cats (<22lbs)

One tablet daily

Medium dogs (22- 55lbs)

Two tablets daily

Large dogs (55-99lbs)

Three tablets daily

Giant dogs (99lbs+)

Four tablets daily

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Dorwest MoveWellia

Dorwest MoveWellia

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