Effipro Spot-On Solution
Effipro Spot-On Solution for Dogs

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Effipro Spot-On Solution for Dogs

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Effipro Spot on is an eminent product specifically manufactured and designed for fleas and ticks treatment. It is an monthly treatment. This spot on formulation eliminates fleas on both the stages adult as well as immature stage. Along with that it is highly effective on ticks. It has great potential to inhibit the reinfestation of the flea life cycle by eradicating the adult fleas before they lay eggs.  Effipro Spot on provides two-way protection for 3 months. In short, a complete remedy to the scratchy problem of your dog and additionally it also works well against flea allergy dermatitis.

  • Firstly put off the pipette from the package
  • Pipette should be hold upright and ensure the contents are at the right part of the pipette by tapping the narrow part of the pipette
  • Break the snap-off top of the spot-on pipette
  • The spot on should be applies on the skin part of the neck so part the hairs at the back of the neck and apply it evenly at one or two spots.
  • Apply the solution carefully without messing the hairs

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Effipro Spot-On Solution

Effipro Spot-On Solution

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Nov 15, 18

Three months protection

Effipro Spot-On provides three months protection to my dog in regards to fleas and ticks. Nice product.

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Oct 01, 18

Its effective on immature fleas

The best part is that it kills fleas in their immature stage.This is impressive because my dog Rainbow became flea free within a day.

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