Feliway Spray
Feliway Spray for Cats

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Feliway Spray for Cats

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Feliway Spray for Cats - Vet-Recommended Behavior Control Treatment

Feliway Spray is a panacea for addressing behavioral issues in cats. It is a one-stop solution to soothe felines struggling with anxiety and stress. The presence of the substance Pheromone in the product enables cats to know their territory and communicate with others cordially. It is a clinically approved formula that is effective in addressing urinary and scratching issues in cats. Feliway Spray is of great help during vet visits, receiving guests, moving to new home or in any other situation, which your cat is not acquainted with.

  • Shake well before use
  • Spray on the desired location
  • Spray at prominent places like doorways, furniture, etc
  • Continue until the feline behavior normalizes.

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Feliway Spray

Feliway Spray

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Oct 20, 21

Great product

So glad I found it. It's a safe and effective way of dealing with my cat's anxiety.

review post


Sep 01, 21


This works!!! I m gonna buy it again soon

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