Kyron Antezole Deworming Tablets
Kyron Antezole Deworming Tablets for Cats

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Kyron Antezole Deworming Tablets for Cats

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Antezole Deworming Tablets for Cats

Antezole Tablets for Cats is a trusted and effective solution for the control and treatment of intestinal worms in feline companions. Specially formulated to target common internal parasites such as roundworms (ascarid), hookworms, and tapeworms, these tablets are designed to provide comprehensive protection. With a convenient oral dosage form, these tablets are easy to administer, making the deworming process hassle-free for cats. Each tablet contains the precise blend of active ingredients (Praziquantel 20mg, Pyrantelpamoate 230mg) necessary to rid your cat of these unwanted guests and promote a healthier digestive system.

  • Determine your cat's body weight and calculate the appropriate dosage, giving 1 tablet per 8.8 lbs. (4 kg) of body mass.
  • Administer the tablets directly into your cat's mouth, pushing the tablet to the back of the tongue for swallowing.
  • No need to feed or fast your cat before dosing.
  • For cats that are difficult to medicate, you can try wrapping the tablet in a treat or hiding it in a small amount of moist food.
  • Make sure your cat has ingested the tablet completely and ensure that no fragments remain.
  • Follow the recommended dosage schedule provided by your veterinarian or based on your cat's specific needs.
  • For continuous protection, repeat the dosage as advised by your veterinarian or as necessary based on your cat's risk of exposure to worms.

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Kyron Antezole Deworming Tablets

Kyron Antezole Deworming Tablets

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Effective solution for killing worms in felines. Would highly recommend this.


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