Medpet Bloedstim
Medpet Bloedstim

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Medpet Bloedstim

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Medpet Bloedstim – Vitamin, Mineral, and Iron Supplement

Medpet's Bloedstim is carefully formulated this premium vitamin, mineral, and iron supplement to aid in the overall vitality of racing pigeons and cage birds. The formula is composed of cholated minerals and trace elements so that these are efficiently absorbed to the maximum capacity, and ensure the overall safety of the birds. Bloedstim renders a carefully curated unique combination of essential haemopoietic elements that assist in the optimal formation of red blood cells in the avian companions, thus preventing anemia.

  • For every 1 liter of drinking water, mix 1 ml of the supplement and feed it to your avian companion.
  • Administer the dose one day per week, or more if needed. (Carefully read the insert label for the recommended dosage instructions)
  • While administering the product, monitor your pet bird to see if there is any adverse reaction, or if the overall health of your bird worsens. In such cases, discontinue the use of this product and consult a veterinarian.
  • For best results, it is advised that you consult an animal health specialist for personalized advice and additional care recommendations, if needed, specific to your avian species.

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Medpet Bloedstim

Medpet Bloedstim

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