Medpet Canker Combo
Medpet Canker Combo

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Medpet Canker Combo for Birds

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Canker Combo for Pigeons

Rendered by Medpet, Canker Combo offers safe and efficient treatment for canker disease in all pigeon breeds. It uses a combination of Ronidazole and Dimetridazole. Caused by a microscopic protozoan Trichomoniasis, Canker has the potential of spreading from one bird to the other if they have access to the same source of water.

In recent years, the instances of canker crops in pigeons have been significantly rising and are posing a severe threat. It is resulting in reduced performance in the racing pigeons. Furthermore, they eventually have difficulty in food processing and untimely deaths.

Canker combo by Medpet is a powerful formula that treats canker crops and prevents their future recurrence. You can safely administer this formula during the racing season too, ensuring that the birds are healthy and competitive.

  • Add 5g (one measure (included)) to 4 liters of drinking water.
  • Administer for 5 consecutive days.
  • In situations where the temperature is beyond 86 degrees Fahrenheit, or when the daily water intake of the pigeon exceeds 70 ml, reduce the dose to 5g per 8 liters of drinking water.
  • Make fresh solutions every day

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Medpet Canker Combo

Medpet Canker Combo

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