Medpet Speed-Plus
Medpet Speed-Plus

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Medpet Speed-Plus for Birds

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Medpet Speed-Plus

Proven to effectively aid in increased racing performance in healthy pigeons, Medpet Speed-Plus is a mineral and vitamin-rich supplement. It increases the recovery rate after races and limits muscular damage. It also enhances energy provision to the muscles, thus increasing endurance capacity. Add Medpet Speed-Plus in drinking water or over food, and administer for three consecutive days before the race, complemented with high-fat diets.

  • To 5 liters of drinking water, mix 5 grams (as per the heaped measure given in the pack) of this supplement. 
  • Alternatively, mix 5 grams of Speed-Plus with 2.2 lbs of grains and 10 ml of Plume Plus.
  • For Longer Races: Feed for three consecutive days before the race.
  • For Shorter Races: Feed for 2 consecutive days before the race.

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Medpet Speed-Plus

Medpet Speed-Plus

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All my birdies are healthy and infection free after getting on this wonderful treatment


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