Milprazon Worming Chewable
Milprazon Worming Chewable for Cats

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Milprazon Worming Chewable for Cats

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Milprazon for Cats

Milprazon is a multispectrum deworming treatment for cats that protects against a variety of gastrointestinal worms and prevents heartworms if the treatment against tapeworms is indicated at the same time. This oral treatment for cats contains two active ingredients, Milbemycin Oxime and Praziquantel. The composition treats various species of tapeworms including Dipylidium caninum, Taenia spp, and Echinococcus multilocularis. The formula also protects against a variety of roundworm infections caused by Ancylostoma tubaeforme, and Toxocara cat

Milprazon worming treatment is indicated for use in 6 weeks and older kittens and cats that weigh at least 1.1 lbs (0.5kg). It can be used in pregnant and lactating cats.

  • For accurate dosing, weigh your cat before administration.
  • For optimum safety, Milprazon tablets should be given with or after some food.
  • Minimum recommended dose is 2 mg milbemycin oxime, and 5 mg praziquantel per 2.2lbs (1 kg) orally as a single dose.
  • Milprazone can be used to prevent heartworms if tapeworm treatment is indicated. For regular heartworm protection, use monosubstance treatment.

Cat weight

Pack Size and Dosage

Kittens & Small Cats

Medium & Large  Cats

Milbemycin oxime 4mg, Praziquantel 10mg

Milbemycin oxime 16mg, Praziquantel 40mg

1.1-2.2 lbs(0.5-1.0 kg)

0.5 tablet


>2.2-4.4 lbs (>1.0-2.0 kg)

1 tablet


> 4.4-8.8 lbs (>2.0-4.0 kg)


0.5 tablet

> 8.8-17.6 lbs (>4.0-8.0 kg)


1 tablet

>17.6-26.4 lbs (>8.0-12.0 kg)


1.5 tablets

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Milprazon Worming Chewable

Milprazon Worming Chewable

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amazing result

It is reliable dewormed product does what it says, I am happy with the result


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