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Orovet Oral Rinse
Orovet Oral Rinse

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Orovet Oral Rinse

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Orovet Oral Rinse is an intensive formulation for oral hygiene in cats and dogs. This product protects pets from dental problems and maintains the oral hygiene in pets. It works against the plaque formation and tartar build up due to the bacterial attack and prevents from oral diseases like gingivitis. Orovet ceases the bad breath in pets, which is caused due to bacterial attack. The formulation contains Chlorhexadine, as an active ingredient, which binds with oral mucosa and mouth. Additionally, this product heals the oral cavity after an oral surgery.

  • Firstly shake the bottle before use
  • Spray the content directly on gums without touching the teeth
  • Do not rinse after applying orovet

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Orovet Oral Rinse

Orovet Oral Rinse

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Jun 15, 20

Wonderful scent

wonderful scent and clean teeth as well as clean and fresh mouth

review post


Jun 01, 20

Worked well

I have a goldendoodle and it seemed like we could never get rid of the bad breath. I tried several oral washes, gels with odor-control agents, medicated oral solution, everything. I found this and thought we may as well try it just like everything else. and it was a surprise. it worked very well

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