Orthoplex Plus
Orthoplex Plus for Dogs

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Orthoplex Plus for Dogs

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Orthoplex Plus Joint Supplement for Cats & Dogs

Orthoplex Plus helps maintain healthy joints and cartilage in cats and dogs.  It maintains joint lubrication and promotes the proper formation of cartilage and joints. Orthoplex Plus joint supplement comes in a highly palatable liquid formulation that can be added to your pet’s meals. It contains key ingredients like ingredients glucosamine HCL, chondroitin sulfate, and MSM, which are important in joint and cartilage tissue formation. Pets that get a dose of Orthoplex Plus daily are less prone to suffer from joint issues like stiffness, discomfort, and osteoarthritis.

  • One pump dispenses 1 ml of liquid
  • Dose every day by mixing with your pet’s food.

Feeding instructions for the first 14 days:

  • Cats and small dogs (up to 10 kg/up to 22 lbs): 4ml
  • Medium dogs (10-25 kg/22.0-55.0 lbs): 8 ml
  • Large dogs (25-40 kg/55-88 lbs): 12 ml
  • Very large dogs (over40 kg/over 88 lbs):16ml

Feeding Instructions long-term:

  • Cats and small dogs(up to 10 kg/ up to 22 lbs): 2ml
  • Medium dogs(10 - 25 kg/22.0-55.0 lbs): 4ml
  • Large dogs (25-40 kg/55-88 lbs): 6 ml
  • Very large dogs (over 40 kg/over 88 lbs): 8 ml

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Orthoplex Plus

Orthoplex Plus

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Joint Care

Best joint care for my furry friends, its easy to administer and has no side effects.


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