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Buy Otosol Ear Cleaning Drops

Otosol Ear Cleansing Solution is an effective aural hygiene product for dogs and cats. The gentle solution protects cats and dogs from ear infections and inflammation. This solution possesses anti-inflammatory properties, which swipes out the wax, debris and dirt from pet’s ear. The active ingredients of this ear cleansing solution are Propylene Glycol, Glycerine, Salicylic acid, Benzyle alcohol and wax solvents .All these possess antiseptic property which prevents any pain and irritation in the ear canal.

  • Shake the bottle well. Remove the cap and pour 5-15 drops into the pet’s ear canal. Wait for around ten minutes by letting the pet be in the same position.
  • Gently massage the base of external to dissolve the earwax. Wipe off the debris, wax and dead tissues with a cotton ball. Ask your vet for the frequency of usage.

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