Panacur Equine Guard
Panacur Equine Guard

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Panacur Equine Guard for Horses

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Panacur Equine Guard is a compelling wormer recommended for the treatment of adult and immature roundworms in horses. It is an oral treatment, which works efficiently in controlling other immature and mature roundworms including large red worm, adult and immature small strongyles. The main ingredient of the formulation is Febendazole , which eliminates various types of internal worms. This broad spectrum wormer protects horses from harmful infestation.

  • This product is orally administered
  • Fasting is not required prior to the treatment
  • It can be given by mixing into feed
  • Administer the dose according to the weight of your pet
  • Administer 5ml of the product per 143 lbs bodyweight daily for 5 days

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Panacur Equine Guard

Panacur Equine Guard

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Oct 11, 18

Safe for pregnant mares

I have been mixing this tonic in my pregnant mare's feed and it is doing its job very well. Plus, it is very safe.

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Aug 30, 18

Effective treatment for adult roundworms

The oral treatment has proved to be extremely effective against adult roundworms for my beloved horse Nora. It is safe for pregnant mares and young foals as well.

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