Panacur Oral Paste
Panacur Oral Paste for Dogs Panacur is a Wormer Paste for intestinal Worm infection in Dogs and Cats. It's highly effective against for nematode Eggs. Buy/Shop Now with & Get Discount + Free Shipping in the USA.

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Panacur Oral Paste for Dogs

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Panacur wormer paste treats intestinal worm infection in dogs and cats. It treats and controls various types of worm infection. The oral paste is highly effective against nematode eggs. Panacur is also effective in treating lungworms in dogs and cats. It protects pets against respiratory tract diseases. The oral treatment is highly recommended to treat Giardia infection in dogs and cats. When dogs and cats are treated regularly with Panacur, it helps in controlling intestinal parasitic infection. This deworming treatment is safe for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.

Administer orally through syringe directly into the mouth at the back of the tongue after feeding.

For Adult Dogs and Cats:

  • Administer orally 2 syringe gradations as per 2.20 lbs. bodyweight as a single.
  • Each 5 g syringe is sufficient to dose up to 19.84 lbs. as a single dose.

Practical dosage recommendations:

  • 0 to 2.2 lbs. 2 syringe graduations
  • 3 to 4.4 lbs. 4 syringe graduations
  • 5 to 6.6 lbs. 6 syringe graduations
  • 7 to 8.8 lbs. 8 syringe graduations
  • 9 to 11.0 lbs. 10 syringe graduations
  • 1 to 13.2 lbs. 12 syringe graduations
  • 3 to 15.4 lbs. 14 syringe graduations
  • 5 to 17.6 lbs. 16 syringe graduations
  • 6 to 19.8 lbs. 18 syringe graduations

For Puppies and Kittens Under 6 Months of Age

Administer orally 1 syringe graduation per 2.20 lbs. bodyweight on a daily basis for 3 consecutive days. That means 50 mg Fenbendazole/kg bodyweight daily for 3 consecutive days. Each 5 gram syringe is sufficient to dose up to 13.23 lbs. for 3 consecutive days.

Practical dosage recommendations:

  • Up to 2.2 lbs. 1 syringe graduation daily for 3 days
  • 3 to 4.4 lbs. 2 syringe graduations daily for 3 days
  • 5 to 6.6 lbs. 3 syringe graduations daily for 3 days
  • 7 to 8.8 lbs. 4 syringe graduations daily for 3 days
  • 9 to 11.0 lbs. 5 syringe graduations daily for 3 days
  • 1 to 13.2 lbs. 6 syringe graduations daily for 3 days

Puppies need to be treated at 2 weeks of age, 5 weeks of age and again before leaving the breeder's premises. Treatment may also be required at 8 and 12 weeks of age. Thereafter, frequency of the treatment can be reduced unless the pups remain in the kennels and kitties in catteries or on breeder's premises where re-infection occurs more readily.

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Panacur Oral Paste

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Nov 14, 18

Treats lungworm Oslerus

Panacur Oral Paste has been pretty effective in aiding to my ailing dog who is currently suffering from lungworms. I've been using this since he got the worms and after a few doses I can say that he is recovering pretty well. Thanks for the great product.


Sep 25, 18

Happy to opt for this

Never imagined I would come across this product. Some products are good but this one is the best.

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