Pharmacalm Oral Paste
Pharmacalm Oral Paste

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Pharmacalm Oral Paste for Horses

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Pharmacalm Paste for Horses – Anxiety and Stress Control Supplement

Pharmacalm Calming Paste is an expertly designed supplement that has been created to calm down horses suffering from anxiety and stress. Made with natural ingredients like amino acids and Vitamin B, the paste works by regulating the horse's central nervous system without hampering its learning or performance capability. This makes it an ideal choice for horse enthusiasts to keep their horses calm and relaxed during competitions, vet visits, or any stressful events.

It is extremely easy to use and comes in an oral syringe that can be easily administered. It offers long-lasting relief, ensuring the horse's optimal comfort and well-being, and provides a natural solution for calming that is completely safe, reliable, and effective.

It is advised to use EquifoxPharmacalm Paste one to one and a half hours prior to any competitive event, vet visit, or transportation that may cause anxiety and stress to the horse.

In a critical situation, another tube of the paste should be given to the horse about 30 minutes before the event.


For horses that weigh less than 770 lbs (<350 kg), ½ tube should be given

For horses that weigh more than 770 lbs (350 kg), one whole tube should be given one to one and a half hours before the event.

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Pharmacalm Oral Paste

Pharmacalm Oral Paste

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