Pyratape P Horse Worming Paste
Pyratape P Horse Worming Paste Pyratape P Horse Worming Paste is quite powerful for Redworms, Pinworms, ascarids, and tapeworms at double dose. The Dose of Pyratape to control them twice that needed for other tube will handiest deal with a 600 k.G Horse, however, needed two for tapeworms. Shop/Buy Now! Get free shipping with a Discounted price in the USA.

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Pyratape P Horse Worming Paste for Horses

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Pyratape contains pyrantel, a horse wormer effective against adult large and small redworms, ascarids, and pinworms and at a double dose some tapeworms. It does not kill worm eggs, larvae, lungworms or bots. Tapeworms are carried by forage mites and can result in horses suffering from colic. The dose of Pyratape to control them is TWICE that needed for other worms, i.e two syringes for an average horse (there is not an alternative formulation of granules).Dosage for tapeworms treatment is best given twice a year towards the beginning and end of the grazing season and the Autumn dose used with Panacur Equine Guard for fullest possible removal of parasites. The normal (not tapeworm) dose needs to be repeated every 4 - 6 weeks. One tube will treat a 600 kg horse, but two are needed for tapeworm

  • Weigh your pet accurately as possible before calculating the dosage.
  • Use of weigh band is recommended
  • Position the dosage ring of the syringe at the appropriate mark using the recommended dosage.
  • Open the mouth of the horse and eject the contents of the syringe onto the back of the tongue. Raising the horse's head sometimes assists in the swallowing process.

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Pyratape P Horse Worming Paste

Pyratape P Horse Worming Paste

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review post


Oct 10, 18

Controls tapeworm infection

An effective paste for my horse. It controls tapeworm infection really well. Good product.

review post


Jan 03, 18

Worms came out from my horse

My horse is my family member. I had quite chock the day after giving warmer to my beloved horse. After using pyratape p horse worming paste, the worms come out of the horse. I will recommend others too to see the positive effect of this paste.


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