Selehold (Generic Revolution)
Selehold (Generic Revolution) for Cats

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Selehold (Generic Revolution) for Cats

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A significant lower price makes it a cost-effective substitute for high-priced selamectin brands. Selehold is a broad-spectrum solution for cats. It kills fleas, ticks, larvae, and flea eggs. Moreover, it is also used as a treatment for ear mites and biting lice. Selehold protects cats from heartworm diseases, infections due to roundworm and hookworms for cats 6 weeks of age and above. The treatment can be safely applied to pregnant, lactating and breeding female.

  • Cut-open the applicator and hold it in the upright position
  • Part your cat’s fur at the base of the cat's skull, and between the shoulder and head, until the skin is visible.
  • Empty the pipette entirely on that particular spot
  • Dispose of used applicator and wash your hands



Cat Weight

Dose Volume

Selamectin Content

Selehold Doses to be Given Per Month

≤2.5kg (≤5.5lbs)

0.25 ml

15 mg


2.6 - 7.5kg (5.6-16.5lbs)

0.75 ml

45 mg


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Selehold (Generic Revolution)

Selehold (Generic Revolution)

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