Swimmers solution
Swimmers solution CandaVetCare Swimmer Solutions Ear Drops specially formulated for Dogs to help prevent from fungal infection and Clean Ears from bacteria. Shop/Buy Now! Get Discount + Free Shipping in the USA.

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Swimmers solution

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Swimmer’s Solution is an excellent ear drops for dogs. It is highly recommended for dogs that swim a lot. It contains a harmless acidifier that cleans ears and prevents infection. The ear cleanser aids in the treatment of fungal infection and growth of micro-organisms. The acidifying agent and drying agent help dry and disinfect the ear canal. The active ingredients control ear infection in dogs. The ear drops aids in maintaining the ear environment to reduce the risk of ear problems due to moisture. Swimmer’s solution is safe for use in dogs and puppies.

  • Remove the cap and break open the seal.
  • Apply liberally into the ear canal.
  • Massage gently at the base of the ear.
  • Remove the excess wax and dirt with the help of soft cloth or cotton wool.
  • Can be used as directed by veterinarian.

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Swimmers solution

Swimmers solution

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Apr 02, 21

Best for my dog

Best for my dog as we live in the countryside and my dog loves to visit the beach every day!

review post


Mar 17, 21


Keeps my pet's ears dry and this has helped a lot in preventing infections!

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