Activyl Flea Control Spot-On
Activyl Flea Control Spot-On for Cats Activyl Flea Control Spot-On for Cats: Activyl Spot-On Answer for Cats is a good innovation for the treatment and prevention of flea infestations. Buy Activyl Spot-On for Cats a once-a-month topical flea treatment at affordable prices.Order Now!& Get Free Shipping.

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Activyl Flea Control Spot-On for Cats

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What is Activyl Spot-On for Cats?

Activyl for Cats is an excellent spot-on treatment for controlling fleas. It is an innovative product with a unique bioactivation process for eliminating fleas. It is highly effective in controlling flea infestations in small and large cats. The topical solution contains an ingredient Indoxacarb which works using a process called bio-activation. This mode of action utilizes flea enzymes to activate and produce an active compound that interferes with the flea’s nervous system. Through this process, it destroys fleas and protects cats against flea infestation for one full month. The topical treatment also breaks flea life cycle by stopping flea eggs and flea larvae. Thus, it helps in controlling flea allergy dermatitis. Activyl is safe for kittens and cats.

Note: For Dogs try Activyl for Dogs to protect against fleas and ticks.
  • Take out the applicator from the pack.
  • Break open the seal and hold applicator at upright position.
  • Place the product at the base of the skull to help prevent your cat from licking it.
  • Squeeze the applicator firmly, applying the entire contents directly onto the skin.

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Activyl Flea Control Spot-On

Activyl Flea Control Spot-On

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Jan 13, 21


My vet suggested us to try this product for our kitty as she started developing allergies towards the product that we were using before. Now she is safe with Activyl's spot on treatment!

review post


Dec 29, 20

A big thanks!

By this awesome product my kitty got instant relief from that blood sucking fleas. Big thanks!

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